About us


We are an export-oriented furniture production custom group co., LTD., founded in 1994,, Our product style mainly includes living room furniture, dining room furniture, bed room furniture, study room furniture, etc. Products are mainly used in the family, villas, hotels, salon and other engineering industries, have our own design research institutions and design company, our company's construction, with our management team, our goal is to provide customers with a complete set of solution about luxury buildings.annual sales of more than $38 million, our company exports the area mainly America, Europe, Australia, Middle East and other regions.

Our cultural origin"OE-FASHION":
O: On behalf of OK, life only OK and NO two options, no other reason, the company and the product is the same, which reminds us that product quality can only be high  forever, the company will be better.
E: On behalf of E0 environmental international standards, furniture is not only decoration, but also need to take into account the physical harm to the human body, so remind us that health and environmental protection furniture is more important than anything else.
Fashion: Fashion is based on product quality OK and E0 environmental standards established , remind us to continue to understand the different regions, different customs, different beliefs, so that our products combined with different cultures to create more good and fashion products.
Our growth history:
Before 1994, The company founder and several brothers were mainly engaged in processing and repairing furniture.
In 1994, The company founder and several brothers set up a sofa furniture factory.
In 1997, Hong Kong returned to China, see the huge market of European of furniture, Our started producing European of furniture.
In 2002, China accession to the WTO brought us an opportunity, Our began to bring furniture to the world market.
In 2010, With the development of the Internet age, our combine European style with Chinese classical style to develop and produce neo-classical furniture.
In 2014, In order to facilitate the export, our set up a trading company.
In 2016, Our annual sales of our furniture broke through $ 38 million.
Our designers:
As a expert in customizd design of living room furniture ,dining room furniture,bed room furniture ,designers play an importan role in our team.So let's first introduce our designer for you.
JACE CHEN  is OE-FASHION director of design, he got a wide variety of experiences of design and instal service from the past 10 years in the furniture industry. He love to travel and study the culture and habits of the region, his active lifestyle are the underlying aesthetics behind OE-FASHION. What inspires his and his design come from life. He knows how to meet user’s need.
Our promise:
1.Customer promise:
Not only our customers, but also our friends and relatives.
2.Product promise:
A.Product of quality as own life,never allowed as a joke.
B.Carefully check the number of products , Don't bring troubles to customers.
C.Timely delivery, don't lose the basic trust.
3.employees promise:
Train your employees to be elite.
4.Social promise:
Serve the society, bring happiness to society, spend a good life togethe.
5.Enterprise promise:
Integrity, Innovation, Unity, Excellence.


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