How to choose fabric

Furniture fabrics used  are generally cotton fabric, velvet, linen and leather, etc., and now we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of these fabrics, you can make a better choice.Because the fabric style is very much, we are only part of the list, if you need to know more welcome to consult us.
1.Cotton fabric

Cotton fabric with environmentally friendly and comfortable, soft and breathable features, very close to the skin, is currently the largest market share models. Which the pastoral style is most of the use of cotton fabric . Because it is colorful, but the elasticity is poor, easy to wrinkle, easy to dye and not wearable.

2.Flannel (velvet)

Flannel(velvet) is like a small animal's fur, giving the deepest impression is that it is delicate, gentle touch. And this kind of fabric  has a stylish appearance and good color, anti-dust, anti-fouling and so on. From the past corduroy, to the present suede, flannel in the vulgar and elegant change in the identity. But the flannel  easy to static.


Linen has a warm winter and summer cool features, but also has good thermal conductivity. Even if the summer is hot, do not have to worry about the situation will be sweating sticky.Linen feels rough, but will not lose soft, soft and hard is very suitable, with a simple natural temperament.


Leather looks atmospheric and stylish, better washed and durable. Simple styling with very good match, the most important thing is better texture, sitting very comfortable.The disadvantage is that expensive and some people do not like this material.

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