How to choose colors

The color of the furniture looks complicated, but not mysterious. Since each color has its own position in the impression space, then the impression of color matching can be approximated by addition and subtraction. If each color is high brightness, then their superposition, naturally will be soft, bright; if each color is strong, then they are superimposed, it will be strong. Of course, in the actual design process, the designer should also take into account the multiplication and division, such as the same brightness and contrast of the color, the color ring on the different angles, with them will get the ever-changing feeling. So in addition to to list the hue with the match, but also the impression as a focus on the classification of categorized for furniture reference.

1.Soft, bright, gentle:

Highly colored colors together will get a soft, bright, gentle feeling. In order to avoid the glare, designers will generally use low-brightness foreground tone and color, while the distance between the color ring also helps to avoid boring.

2.Soft, clean, hearty:

For the soft, clean, hearty impression, the color ring in the blue to green adjacent colors should be the most suitable. And the brightness is high. It can be seen that almost every combination has white participation. Of course, in the actual design, you can use the blue and green hue of the high brightness of the color instead of white.

3.Cute, happy and funny:

Cute, happy, interesting impression of color with the characteristics of hue distribution evenly, with a warm, high saturation, high color resolution.

4.Lively, fun and funny:

Lively, happy, interesting relative to the previous impression, the color selection is more extensive, the most important change is pure white with low saturation color or gray instead.

5.Sporty, brisk:

The color of the movement to strengthen the intense, exciting feelings, but also reflect the health, happiness, the sun. So the higher saturation, low brightness of the color in this type of impression often debut.

6.Brisk, gorgeous, dynamic:

Gorgeous impression requires that the page is full of color, and the saturation is high, and the brightness is weakened to strengthen this impression.

7.Wild, energetic, dynamic:

Wild impression of the space in the low brightness of the color, or even with the appropriate black with. Other color saturation is high, contrast is strong.

8.Gorgeous, fancy, feminine:

Feminine pages in the purple and magenta is the protagonist, pink, green is also commonly used hue. Generally between them to be highly saturated with.9.Aftertaste, feminine, elegant:

Elegant feeling is very strange, the color of the saturation generally down. Generally with blue, red between the adjacent, adjust the brightness and saturation with the match.10.Noble, natural and stable:

Noble generally use low-brightness yellow-green, color brightness down, pay attention to the balance of color, the page will appear stable.11.Calm and natural:

Green is the protagonist of calm, natural impression, but green as the main color of the page, easy to fall into the feeling of too negative to convey, so should pay special attention to the design of the pattern.12.Traditional, elegant:

The traditional content of the general to reduce the color saturation, especially brown is very suitable. Purple is also the usual hue of elegant impressions.13.Traditional, stable, classical:

Traditional, stable, classical are conservative impression, the choice of color should try to use low-brightness warm, this match with mature aesthetic.14.Honest, stable, tasteful:

Brightness, low saturation of the color will give a strong, steady feeling. In order to avoid the color is too conservative, rigid, negative, should pay attention to the combination of cold and warm and light and dark contrast.

15.Simple, clean and progressive:

Simple, clean color in the hue can be used blue, green performance, and a large area of white. And the impression of progress can be more blue, with low saturation or even gray.16.Simple, stylish and elegant:

Gray is the most balanced color, and is one of the main colors of plastic metal texture, and thus to express elegance, fashion, can be properly used, or even large area use. But should pay attention to the pattern and texture of the structure.17.Simple, progressive, fashionable:

The main colors of the performance of the main blue, with gray. The color of the unity of light, hue adjacent to the color will appear simple.

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