European style fabric sofa in livingroom | Warm sofa

  • Product Item:FLS002
  • Category:Fabric sofa
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  • Style: European style
  • Material: oak,fabric
  • Certification: SGS,ISO9001 and so on
  • Type: Living Room Furniture
  • Product Manual:This European style fabric sofa has the charm of time and space stagnation, leading us to feel the most wonderful life.

European style fabric sofa in livingroom | OE-FASHION

This European style fabric sofa has the charm of  time and space stagnation, leading us to feel the most wonderful life.Life is like a book Open up, but OE-FASHION FURNITURE unchanged, always adhere to the faith of love home.European style fabric sofaThis sofa highlights the axis of symmetry, brilliant appearance, suitable for luxurious and comfortable living space.European style fabric sofaThe oak frame is crafted with hand-crafted sculptures, and the carvings are meticulously, and every place reveals the style of the French court, and the low-key luxury is comfortable.European style fabric sofaThe sofa is covered with high quality flannelet, the manufacturing process is very complex, flexibility and contact are very good. And easy to clean as long as gently tapping.European style fabric sofa
The combination of hollow engraving and embossing engraving makes sculpture feel more space, spending more than three times the time of ordinary engraving.
European style fabric sofaHollow engraving and relief carving art, like an art for the goods.European style fabric sofaIn the Greek mythology, the rose is the embodiment of the beauty of God, but also into the blood of the god of love, it combines love and beauty in one, but also many countries and cities symbol.This fabric sofa uses a lot of roses design, did not forget the classic presence.European style fabric sofaEuropean style fabric sofaFabric sofa size is 2160*1050*1200mm,Its combination is one seater + two seater + three seater.sofa size

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