European classical orange sofa set | OE-FASHION

  • Product Item:LS032
  • Category:Leather Sofa
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  • Woody Material: Oak
  • Wood structure process: carving
  • Design elements: solid wood, master design, carved
  • Fabric selection: leather or velvet
  • Product Manual:This European-style classical orange sofa set has the city's warmth, but also the nature of the plain, showing a unique human feelings.

European classical orange sofa set | OE-FASHION-LS032
This European classic orange sofa with the warmth of the city, but also the essence of plain, showing a unique human. concise but not simple, the combination of the natural elements of the essence of the elegant design and elegant shape to fit for better enjoyment.
orange sofa setRich natural country style has a unique charm, Thai oak has a hard texture, clear lines and natural beauty, high temperature drying moisture control at 10%, never cracked.orange sofa setOrange is a very sexy color, has a rich atmosphere of life, not like the red is too bright, in the visual, taste and auditory atmosphere also plays a "catalyst" role.orange sofa setThe Royal Chair has a beautiful and exquisite curve, the sofa backrest bent, backrest and armrest seamless, you can sit with a cushion, but also put the feet on the recumbent, sofa and woman's body lines with a seamless.orange sofa setEach of the exquisite hand carved, carved lines smooth, retain the essence of classical combination of fashion elements, the establishment of romantic fun, play button  design can that the sofa looks more full.orange sofa setHigh density  health sponge, per cubic sponge weight is 45 kg, feel fine, soft and comfortable, orange Italian leather package, if you need to replace the velvet, we can also be customized according to your request.orange sofa setNext to the sofa with this brown side table, put some flowers on the table will be more interesting and romantic.side tableSofa behind the corner with a brown of the five drawer cabinet, you can store some daily necessities, so that the whole living room more clean.five drawer cabinet

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