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As the face of the living room, the sofa plays an important role in decorating the living room. Also its usage rate is second only to the bed in all furniture. So many people call it the “second bed in the house”.

In this case, you should not be too casual when choosing a sofa. Compared with the classic expensive leather sofas on the market, fabric sofas are more approachable

and more popular among young people, both in terms of price and style.

When choosing a fabric sofa, you have to consider the following five points.

1.Choose the style of the sofa

When choosing a fabric sofa, the first step is to determine the style of the sofa according to the style of the home decoration design. American design or Nordic style or other style depends on the style of your overall home improvement. Do not blindly follow the choice of the so-called “influencer design”.

2. Choose frame structure of the sofa

The sofa is a typical frame structure, and the fabric sofa is no exception. The rationality and angle of the frame design is related to the stability of the sofa. At present, the main frame of the sofa on the market includes three types: solid wood structure, pure engineered wood structure, and solid wood & engineered wood structure.In recent years, stainless steel and solid wood structure have also appeared in China.

The solid wood structure is recognized as the most stable sofa structure. The main body is made of solid wood, and the connection is also the traditional way of connecting. However, because of the high cost of solid wood, the fabric sofa made of solid wood is more expensive, but it is better in environmental protection and stability.

The pure engineered wood structure refers to the structure made of plywood, MDF and particleboard materials. The material has the advantages of low cost, simple manufacturing process, convenient molding and wider application range. However, the multi-layer composite sheet has a high formaldehyde content, which is likely to cause pollution and odor.

The solid wood & engineered wood structure is a combination of solid wood frame and artificial board, which is the most common structure currently used on the sofa market. The price and quality are between the above two structures.

The solid wood & stainless steel structure is a combination of solid wood frame and stainless steel, which is the most popular structure currently used on the sofa market. This structure is sturdy and durable, and the price is similar to a solid wood sofa.

3.Choose the fabric material

Common fabrics on the market include cotton & line, cotton, and suede fabrics.

①cotton & line

It is natural, breathable and skin-friendly, and it can absorb sweat from human skin. Cotton linen also has the advantages of anti-static, no pilling, no curling, etc. It is natural and environmentally friendly and is a true green ecological textile.


As a fabric with higher cost, it is a fabric woven from cotton yarn, which is a general term for all kinds of cotton textiles. Because of its price, it is often used in fashion, casual wear, underwear and shirts, as well as household items that come into close contact with human skin.


At first, it was only the fabric made of animal skin, but as the market changed, the suede fabric now also includes denim faux leather, warp-like suede (faux suede) and weft-like faux leather ( Satin leather suede), warp-knitted faux leather, double-faced faux leather and elastic faux leather. The suede sofa on the market is stylish in appearance, with good color rendering and elegant atmosphere. Although the suede sofa is dust-proof and anti-fouling, it is easy to generate static electricity because of its special material, and it is expensive when used on a sofa.

4. The filler in the sofa

①. There are three kinds of foams for sofa filling: conventional foam is a foam made of conventional polyether and TDI, which has good resilience, softness and breathability; high resilience foam is an active Polyphosphate and TDI are the main foams, which are characterized by excellent mechanical properties, good elasticity, large compressive load, good flame resistance and good gas permeability. The chaotic foam is a natural seaweed with different pore sizes. A similar foam is characterized by good elasticity and excellent cushioning properties when compressed and rebounded.

②. The down filling, is an animal protein fiber, which is more insulative than cotton (vegetable cellulose), and the downhole spherical fiber is densely covered with thousands of triangular small pores, which can shrink and expand with temperature changes. The warm function can absorb the hot air flowing from the human body. The down is made of sofa padding, which is comfortable to sit and has small deformation for long-term use. The disadvantage is that the rebound is slow and the cost is high. Generally used in high-grade sofas with foams, or suitable for cushions.

③. Latex is also an important sofa filling material. The latex-filled sofa has a much higher area than the ordinary sofa in contact with the human body, so the sitting feel is more comfortable. Moreover, the latex filler has strong bactericidal and gas permeability, but the cost is relatively high.

5. Check the sofa resilience

The resilience of the fabric sofa is also related to the life of the sofa. When you choose in store, try to let your body fall freely on the sofa, You need to be bounced by the sofa at least 2 times to ensure that the sofa is resilient and used long life.

In addition to the above, you should pay attention to some details when purchasing a fabric sofa. For example: check whether the overall color of the sofa and the fabric of each part are uniform, whether the joints are firm and flat, and the workmanship is fine.

Although the fabric sofa is relatively cheap, it should be carefully selected when purchasing. After all, no one wants to change the sofa once a year?

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