5 points to maintain furniture

5 points to maintain furniture

How do we maintain the furniture?Furniture life can continue for generations if you clean and maintain it properly. Here are 5 ways to make your furniture withstand the test of time with regular maintenance. They not only promote furniture longevity but will also improve the comfort of use, quality, safety and lighten your impact on the Earth. Here is what to do:

1.Inspect the furniture hardware and overall condition on a regular base. Even if you are maintaining your furniture in the “tip-toe” condition, it’s likely the hardware to get worn, loosen or squeaking. Loosen joints and screws may take a chair, table or other pieces out of service. So, whenever necessary, you can promote longevity with repair works, tightening screws and polishing hardware with non-abrasive detergents.

2.Keep your wood pieces clean. Avoid harsh chemicals and corrosive cleaning detergents that can harm the nice and neat finish of your wooden pieces. It’s best to use a lint-free cloth and high-quality professional polish to keep furniture’s top coat safe. Be warned that multi-purpose detergents are designed to clean glass, wood, laminate and even steel. You can apply them to remove dust, dirt and buff up multiple surfaces for less money, but this may result in damages.

3.Avoid continuous exposure to UV light, high humidity and water stains.

4.Change your habits. Use protective pads when you are writing with a ball pen, as well as placemats to protect the surface from interaction with cups and glasses. Be warned that dragging metal, plastic or rubber objects across the surface can easily scratch or damage the finish of your furniture.

5.Restoration and refurbishment can increase the life-span of the furniture. During its long-term use, your wood decor can start warning out, grains bleeding through the paint or some scratches got visible. Mind that you can quickly restore the furniture condition instead of throwing it to the curb. Just lay a new coat of durable transparent varnish, paint or stain to give it a new long-lasting and lustrous look. You’ll get a lot of satisfaction out of saving money and bringing it back to life. But you can also transform the look of your furniture in a way that really suits your home style.

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