How to buy furniture from China?What are the channels for purchasing furniture from China?This is a very difficult problem that many buyers have to solve.We have some suggestions here that may help you solve this problem.

From China imports buy furniture that design is much and price is low, quality is good, have very high cost performance ratio,So that’s why more and more people are importing furniture from China.Many customers know the benefits of importing furniture from China, but they don’t know how to buy the furniture they want.Through this article let us tell you how to buy furniture from China.

1. Sourcing

Most China furniture are displayed in Furniture Malls and factory as most potential customers opt visiting malls than individual furniture shops. In these malls you will find a variety of furniture with varied pricing structures. Considering most sale representives can’t speak English and they don’t offer shipment services,in this situation,you’d better hire an sourcing agent to be interpreter and handle all exportation matters. Typically these agents will charge 3% to 5% of total purchase value to to handle all aspects of shipments.


One of the most important steps in building an online business is to find reliable suppliers to make your product idea a reality. Most start-up online businesses are often faced with this dilemma: Where and how do I source products and suppliers? The answer is Alibaba.

Alibaba has become one of the top B2B marketplace businesses rely on for cheap and top quality products, which they can either resell or have their own private labels on. Products and suppliers are mostly from China.

3.Shunde Furniture Mall and factory

Shunde is an district of Foshan city in China,which dedicated to the manufacture and sale of furniture. It is referred to as Furniture City and the Furniture Wholesale Market of China. In Shunde you will find over 1,500 manufactures of furniture and about 3,000 Chinese and international furniture dealers. Their furniture are displayed in shops located inside a 5 kilometer long market with over 20 streets.

Louvre Furniture Mall. High-end furniture with high quality and excellent rates is what you will find in this mall. It is extremely comfortable and easy to explore. This mall is the main source for China’s furniture industry. The shops in this mall are known to be reliable and highly scam-free.Surely the price is not so cheap.

Sun-link Furniture Wholesale Market.There are southern and northern furniture centers in this market.Products in northern center is higher quality than southern center.You can also get a better shopping experience in northern center.

Tuanyi International Furniture City.This mall also has some good choices if you have time to have a check(cheapest products comparing with above two markets).As to our past experience,it takes almost one week if we shop above malls,but normally most our customers don’t have so much time to shop and buy slowly.

Furniture factory.Buying furniture through manufacturing plants is the most affordable way,But a big problem is that Many factories do not have English-speaking sales representatives.

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