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Now more and more people will choose the marble dining table, because the texture of the marble dining table is relatively high-grade. It is very elegant, and its texture is clear and the touch is very refreshing. However, many people do not know much about the materials of the marble dining table and so on, they will feel very confused when buying.

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Type of marble dining table

Marble dining table should be divided into artificial marble dining table and natural marble dining table. These two types of marble are very different. The density of the artificial marble dining table is relatively high, oil stains are not easy to penetrate, and it is easier to clean; while natural marble dining tables are easy to penetrate oil stains due to the natural texture.

Natural marble dining table advantages and disadvantages

Advantages: beautiful and natural texture, good feel after polishing, hard texture, better abrasion resistance than artificial stone, not afraid of coloring.
Disadvantages: Natural marble has gaps, it is easy to accumulate oil stains, breed bacteria, and marble has natural pores, easy to penetrate, and radiation. The flatness of natural marble is poor. When the temperature changes sharply, it is easy to break, and the connection between marbles It is very obvious that it can not be seamlessly spliced. In addition, its elasticity is insufficient and it is difficult to repair.

Artificial marble dining table advantages and disadvantages

Advantages: many colors, good flexibility, not obvious connection treatment, very strong overall feeling, and colorful, with ceramic luster, high appearance hardness, not easy to damage, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and easy to clean .Cement type artificial marble, polyester type artificial marble, composite type artificial marble, and sintered type artificial marble are the four common types of artificial marble.

Disadvantages: The chemical synthesis part is harmful to the human body, its hardness is small, it is afraid of scratching, hot, and coloring.

4 advantages of a marble dining table

First, the surface of the marble dining table is not easy to be contaminated with dust and scratches, and the physical properties are relatively stable;

Second, the marble dining table has another advantage that is not comparable to various wooden dining tables, that is, the marble dining table is not afraid of moisture and is not affected by moisture;

Third, marble has the characteristics of no deformation and high hardness, and it also has strong abrasion resistance;

Fourth, the marble dining table has a strong resistance to acid and alkali corrosion, there is no worry that metal objects will rust, and it is very simple to maintain and have a long life.

4 disadvantages of marble dining tables

First, marble dining tables are more graded, which has been recognized by consumers, but the health and environmental protection of marble dining tables is not as good as solid wood dining tables;

Secondly, it can be seen from the countertop of the marble cabinet that the surface of the marble is very smooth, and it is precisely because of this that the table top of the marble dining table is stained with oil and water, which is difficult to wipe clean immediately.

Third, marble dining tables generally look very atmospheric and have a texture, so it is difficult to harmonize with ordinary small apartment homes, but it is more suitable for large apartment homes.

Fourth, the marble dining table is not only large in size, but also heavy and difficult to move.

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