How can we assure that our payment will be secured?2019-11-29T11:38:53+08:00

We are alibaba gold supplier.If it’s necessary,we can also show you our business license. If you have come to China,.Welcome you to visit us anytime! if you do not have time to our factory, you can also arrange a friend to our factory inspection.

We already got stable local supplier resource, why should i import from your company?2019-11-29T11:33:10+08:00

You know,more and more home furnisher give up their local suppliers or middlemen nowadays.Sourcing from China help them save lots of cost and it’s a trend now.If you buy from us,you can save about 40% cost under same quality level.

Why is your furniture so cheap, is not the quality of bad?2019-11-29T11:33:42+08:00

1.Furniture is labor-intensive industries, the main cost is labor costs, and the United States compared to labor costs, our labor costs are relatively low.
2.The exchange rate gap, the proportion of RMB exchange dollars is: 1 US dollars is equal to 6.8 yuan or so.
3.Per capita consumption level is different,  the level of consumption and income level is proportional, but now we do not have the US consumption level.

Why is your price more expensive than some manufacturers?2019-11-29T13:27:36+08:00

Price of furniture is mainly determined by materials, accessories and manufacturing processes. Same appearance does not mean that it is exactly the same.It is not that we cannot make low-price furniture, but we do not make low-quality products.If you receive our product and feel it is a miracle, we will be very proud.

Is it transport troublesome to import furniture from you?2019-11-29T11:57:28+08:00

No hassle at all, we offer multiple shipping methods, can provide door to door delivery.

Can I customize my own design?2019-11-29T11:33:51+08:00

Yes, everyone has their own ideas and opinions, although our products are very rich, but still can not meet all, if you have own design, we can accordance with your drawings or photos to customized products.And our prices are very beautiful.
If you see one of our styles, but some of them need to be changed, we will change them according to your requirements, including color, size, leather or fabric, etc

How can we guarantee all products quality condition is well after production finished?2019-11-29T11:34:00+08:00

After products are finished,we will send you detailed pictures & videos.You can also come yourself or ask your friends to check goods in our warehouse.

How long for the delivery time ?2019-11-29T11:34:11+08:00

Normally, the product takes about 15-60 days, and it depends on the style and quantity.

Packing detail2019-11-29T11:41:50+08:00

1.EPE composite bubble wrap,and arm parts:back side & front side added cardboard to protect,then PE film bag.
2.If there are glasses in it, wooden frame will be packed outside.
3.All of the productions are inspected carefully by QC before delivery.

What is the Shipping Cost?2019-11-29T11:34:39+08:00

The shipping cost can be quoted when we are clear about your destination and the total quantity of your order.

Custom furniture considerations2019-11-29T11:34:49+08:00

Maybe you didn’t know it, but we all have a particular style. Some might be peculiar, others the epitome of tradition, but no matter what style you select we have a look that will satisfy your tastes. Learn about our step below to classify your preference and find the furniture that are right for you.

Step 1: Identify the desired furniture styles:


Forms: classic silhouettes, curved lines, wing and Queen Anne backs, claw and bun feet.


Forms: clean silhouettes, crisp lines, geometric shapes.


Forms: simple silhouettes, crisp or curved lines, geometric shape


Forms: straight or curved lines, classic or modern silhouettes.

Step 2: Determine the furniture details:

①. Range:
Because our furniture is widely used, so need to provide the use of places such as hotels, clubs, offices, salons, villas, home and other places.

Determine the location of furniture, such as living room, restaurant, bedroom, conference room, office, etc., so that we can give you more programs.

③. Size:
Determine the use of the location, provide the size of furniture, so that your space layout is more ideal.

The color of the furniture is a very critical choice, which should be around the overall decorative effect, the color can not be messy.

Furniture cover is very wide, the sofa needs leather, flannel, velvet, linen.etc., the table needs solid wood desktop , marble desktop,glass desktop.etc .,say your thoughts, we can give you more choices.

⑥.Other conditions:
If you not satisfied with the furniture style, you can provide the design you need, pictures or drawings can be.

About Service2019-11-29T11:37:17+08:00

To improve product quality and enhance the full range of services, we always adhere to the service quality, technical strength and after-sales service response time as the focus, we will provide customers from time to time after-sales service.

1.Service before receiving the goods:

①.Our will arrange personnel to track orders production situation and process, each process has a QC to control the quality and the number of the products, if you have a need to understand the product production process, we will send  pictures or video to your.

②.If Order is finish , we will send you product picture and product detail pictures or video to confirm and make sure not have any problem with ur order we will packing according to the requirements of your shipment, if you have any friends in China, you can also arrange friends come to our factory inspection.

③. Once the date of the container is determined, we have a special staff to determine the number of products to ensure that it will not be missed, we will also provide the product list and  loading picture to you.

④. After loading container, we will provide packing list, invoice, bill of lading to u, we will tell you the time and date of departure, and the destination port freight forwarder contact, if necessary, we will provide relevant more information to you.

Warm Reminder: After receiving the goods, please pay attention to check the number of goods and goods intact.

2.Service after receiving the goods:

①.Our furniture guarantee three years warranty time and permanent free technical supports from goods  of our manufactory.

②.Starting from the date of product delivery,if our furniture have any  problems of quality,we will actively to provide quality after-sales service, to maximize the maintenance of your consumer rights and interests, please keep damaged parts for proof, otherwise will be charged.In addition to the warranty period, We will charge a fee of the accessories.

③.Our will visit customers regularly,understand and check the performance and quality of furniture products in use,and help to deal with and maintain the problems in time.

④.If furniture adjustment or disassembly needs, our will provide guidance services for disassembly.

⑤.After receiving customer after-sale service, our will give a clear reply and solution within 24 hours.