Standard home furniture measurements

Home furniture standard measurements

Home furniture standard measurements

The home furniture  measurements is related to whether you can enter the door and whether it is comfortable to use in the future. So you should pay attention to the size before buying furniture.

Shoe cabinet: height 850-900mm, depth of shelf is not less than 350mm
Console table: height 900-950mm, depth 350-450mm

Length 2000-2400mm, depth 950-1000mm, height 750-1250mm, seat height 420-450mm, armrest 600-700mm
Single sofa length: 800-1200mm
Tow seated sofa length: 1500-1800mm
Three seated sofa lengths: 2000-2300mm
Four seated sofa lengths: 2300-2600mm

Coffee table:
Large rectangular: length 1000-1500mm,width 600-800mm , height 420-450mm
Small rectangular: length 700-900mm, width 450-650mm, height 420-450mm
Square: 800/900/1000/1200mm, height 420-450mm
Round: diameter 750/900/1000mm, height 420-450mm

Site table:

Rectangular : length 550-650mm, width 400-550mm, height 600-650mm
Square : length 450/500/550/600mm, height 600-650mm
Round : diameter 450/500/550/600mm, height 600-650mm

Dining table:
Square: 700/900/1200mm, height 750-780mm
Rectangle: 700/800/900/1000/1200mm in width, over 1200mm in length, and 750-780mm in height
Round table: 500-700mm for two persons, 850-1000mm for four persons, 1100-1300mm for six persons, 1300-1400mm for eight persons, 1500-1600mm for ten persons and 1800mm for twelve persons;
The diameter of the turntable of the round dining table is equal to the diameter of the table minus 700-900mm
Dining chair: Dining chair seat width 460-500mm, seat depth 450-480mm, seat height 450mm, armrest height not exceeding 650mm, inner width of armchair 480-500mm
Sideboard: height 850-900mm, depth 400-500mm
Wine cabinet: 450-480mm in depth, the height between the shelves should not be less than 400mm

Length: hinge door is about 450mm wide, sliding door is more than 600mm wide. The height of hanging coat is 1200-1600mm, the length of hanging short coat is more than 1000mm, the height of hanging pants is about 800mm, The height of the clothes rail does not exceed 1800mm above the ground, and the height of the internal drawer is 150-200mm
Depth: 600-650mm
②TV cabinet: about 450mm in depth and 600mm in height
Bed (conventional mattress): 900 * 1800mm, 1200 * 1800mm, 1500 * 2000mm, 1800 * 2000mm, 2000 * 2000mm, 2000 * 2200mm
④ Bedside table: length 450-650mm, depth 400-500mm, height 550-600mm
⑤ Dressing table: length 1200-1600mm, depth 400-500mm, height 750mm
⑥ Dressing stool: length 450-550mm, width 400-500mm, height 450-480mm

① Bookcase: Depth 400-450mm (300-350mm shelf for books), height over 1800mm
② Desk: depth 500-750mm, height 750mm
③ Book chair: according to the size of conventional chairs

Most furniture is manufactured to standard measurements. It makes the process of arranging furniture easier when you know those standard measurements before you buy. Once you know bed or couch dimensions, for example, you can start designing the layout for any given room with a better idea of how the pieces will fit.

These measurements are meant to be a general guideline only. Before you buy anything make sure you measure the piece itself to see whether it will fit well inside your space.

The above is the size of standard furniture, we can change the size according to your requirements, including color and fabric.


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