How to choose coffee table?

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Choosing a coffee table is one of the most important, yet often overlooked decorating decisions you’ll have to make.

The coffee tables is arguably what gives a living room the most character. It typically holds personal items and decor accents from the home owners, reflecting their personalities.

Here are some guidelines and ideas for picking out the best coffee table for your family room!

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Coffee tables choosing experience

A coffee tables should be proportionate in size to the sofa. As a good rule of thumb, the coffee table you buy should be at least one-half the length of your sofa, but not longer than the sofa itself. A nice happy medium coffee table length of three-fourths or two-thirds is perfect.

The height of your coffee table should be about even with the height of your sofa seat, give or take a few inches.

Coffee Table Shapes

Oval Coffee Tables:

Luxury oval white coffee table for home furniture

Oval coffee tables are great at balancing form and function. They promote movement and offer ample space for storing things on top. No sharp edges here, so oval tables are great for people with kids!

Rectangular Coffee Tables:

Rectangular coffee tables are decidedly more modern and they offer the most amount of surface space to work with.

Round Coffee Tables:

A round coffee table can be really inviting to guests and large families who may want to occasionally eat around the coffee table while watching a movie. Add some floor poufs to the other side, and it’s a party!

Square Coffee Tables:

Square coffee tables provide a nice and symmetrical look to your living space. They are the most practical coffee table shape and can sometimes offer storage beneath the surface.

Coffee Table Materials

Marble coffee tables:

Marble coffee tables offer a unique look that is easy to clean, maintain, and will last for the years to come. Glass and marble coffee tables each have their own unique features. If you want a living room that exudes modern allure and makes the room appear bigger, go with glass.

Brass Coffee Tables:

Aged brass coffee tables can give a vintage appeal to your living room.

Wood Coffee Tables:

Wood coffee tables are a great choice for farmhouse homes, and anyone who wants a rustic, country feel to their living room.

Glass Coffee Tables:

Glass countertops on your coffee table help your space feel large and light. Cleanliness – Unlike wood or other surfaces, you can rest assured that you can completely sterilize and easily keep clean. Glass doesn’t absorb or accumulate germs or liquids, and spills are so easy to quickly clean.

Luxury oval coffee table

Mirrored Coffee Tables:

Mirrored coffee tables add a touch of elegance to any living room.

The last suggestion is that the coffee tables must match the decorative effect of the sofa and the surrounding environment.


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