How to choose sofa size?

how to choose sofa size

Choosing the right sofa size seems easy enough—a small sofa fits in a small space and a large sofa fits in a large space. if your living space is small, having a huge sofa will dominate the space and make it feel overbearing. Likewise, if you have a larger living space, a small sofa will look disproportionate to the rest of the room.

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Measure the length, width and height of your living room. Ceiling height plays a big role in illusion of space, so finding the right sofa size to complement that can make a big difference. If you have low ceilings, a sofa with a low seat height will help create the illusion of a larger, open space. However, if you have high ceilings, sofas with low seats might look awkward. Another measurement to remember is the width of your hallways and doorways—it won’t matter if you’ve found that perfect couch you can’t bring it inside.


How many people will be using this sofa on a regular basis and what will you be using it for? If you have a large household or entertain frequently, you may want to pick a longer sofa with more than two cushions (because nobody likes sitting in the awkward crack between cushions). If you enjoy taking naps on the sofa, then it may be important to choose a sofa size with greater depth.


Too much furniture in one room not only looks crowded, but it can make moving around difficult. Consider other items you plan to include in your room design before choosing a sofa. A general rule of thumb is that your sofa should not occupy the entire length of a wall. There should be at least 18 inches of space on either side of the sofa. If you want a sectional with a chaise, then the long chaise portion should not extend more than halfway across the room. Think about your space and what you can do with it, and then choose your sofa based on that.


Not all living rooms are created equal. Nowadays, there’s more variation than ever in the spaces we’re living. A renovated loft might have exposed pipes and load-bearing pillars getting in the way of furniture, while other homes have huge open-floor plan expanses to furnish. An apartment might have a simple square area to work with. Finding a sofa that fits the shape of your space is essential.

Also, take a look at any unique architectural features like windows, fireplaces or built-in shelving. Work with those pre-existing features to decide on the right sofa for your space, ensuring that the sofa never blocks off any of these features.

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