How to clean sofa without water?

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How to clean sofa without water? A good-looking sofa can improve the style of the living room and provide a warm space for a family to chat and relax. However, the sofa is easy to accumulates dust and it is troublesome to disassemble and wash. It is often the most troublesome “cleaning problem” for everyone. Just use some small methods, you can easily make the sofa a new look.

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Clean Fabric Sofa

The daily cleaning of the fabric sofa does not actually need to be disassembled. All you need is a rolling pin, a towel, and a bottle of alcohol. Pour 75% alcohol into the watering can, and then evenly spray the rag to wet, then spread the rag flat on the sofa and press a few times. If you want the effect to be more pronounced, you can use a stick to keep tapping the rag or rub it gently to wipe, and the dust on the sofa will disappear without a trace.

How to clean sofa without water?

Clean Flannel Sofa

Prepare an empty plastic bottle, fill the bottle with half a bottle of water, then add some alcohol, an appropriate amount of white vinegar, baking soda, and fabric softener, shake and mix well. Then spray the prepared mixture on the sofa. After spraying with a brush, the dust and stains will disappear. After the detergent has evaporated, smooth the suede surface of the sofa with a brush, and the sofa will look like a new one!

If the stain is small, you can slightly moisten the cloth and wipe it with some soap. Be sure to choose a mild and natural soap. Too strong soap will damage the leather.
If the stains are difficult to clean, it is recommended that you prepare a bottle of leather cleaner, which can quickly wipe off the stains and restore the surface of the sofa. It is also very convenient to use!

Clean Wooden Sofa

You definitely think that the wooden sofa will be just wiped with water, but in fact, you can wipe it brighter as new as long as you add a little more.

Scrubbing wooden furniture with tea can remove stains, not only cleaning but also making the wooden furniture bright again.

A piece of beautiful, clean, and functional furniture can definitely improve your happiness in life. After reading this article, do you think cleaning the sofa can also be easy? If you have other tips on the clean sofa, please comment District share with us~

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