Why so many furniture malls like to import furniture from China?Of course, this is definitely related to the advantages of Chinese furniture.The main reasons are as follows that maybe helpful for you.

China made furniture are highly preferred by importers. from China to buy furniture, you can save at least 30% of the cost.Importing furniture from China though is a tough process.If you import furniture from us, it will be very simple.

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Furniture is a major cost for any home or office that can be considerably reduced by buying and importing furniture from China at wholesale price. An individual may balk at the prospect of going to China to buy furniture, however prices are substantially lower than retail prices in the home country to justify a trip to China for buying furniture.

IN 2004, China begun to be the largest furniture manufacturing Country and exporter of furniture in the world.And the furniture that imports from China can be abundant choice and contrast, .China manufactures most of the furniture of the leading designers in the world. You can buy the best furniture for the least amount of money.

Furniture from China are uniquely designed to avoid the use of nails, screws and glue. When made of wood with top quality, this type of furniture can last for centuries.This engineering design amazingly connects the different components of the furniture without any trace of the connection. It is as though the entire furniture was built from just a single piece of wood.

There are close to 50,000 furniture manufactures in China. In the furniture city of Foshan lecong in China, furniture stores over 5 kilometers and the furniture shops are tall buildings(Furniture factories are not included).Suppose you want to walk around the every furniture store,in that way 15 days is not enough.

You will find a amazing furniture world when sourcing from China.There so many kinds of exquisite furnitures for choice,which can’t be bought for your local market.But how to import the best quality with reasonable price items?This is a question!

Of course, Choose us you not only have a lot of styles to choose from, and we have more than 15 years of experience in custom-made furniture. Choose our furniture, we will provide you with a one-stop service and we have an price advantage over the China furniture mall.