Is particleboard pressed wood good to use for furniture products?Is it worth buying? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

The only reason particleboard is used for furniture is the item will have a cheap price. As for the durability, the life expectancy is short. It will have a lack of quality and craftsmanship.And after a long time, it will rot and produce substances harmful to the human body.

When buying furniture, the budget will determine the quality and construction. If you are looking to keep the furniture for a long period of time, it should be made with solid wood, the type of joinery, quality of the finish, wood type, style of the furniture …. in other words, craftsmanship. Another consideration is can you customize the piece to fit your needs. When customizing, you’ll need to work with a custom shop, not the furniture retailer. Look at their website to see their work and ask questions, such as, what is the process of building a piece of furniture, etc.

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