What about oak furniture?What are the advantages and disadvantages of the oak furniture?

The incredible popularity of oak for furniture stems from the fact that it is plentiful and thereby fairly affordable, and that it is a durable, heavy hardwood with beautiful grain. Furniture built from oak is considerably sturdier than that crafted from some other hardwoods, such as mahogany.

1.Oak is a very strong and durable wood with a beautiful and distinctive grain pattern.
2.It is highly scratch, stain and dust resistant and does not need regular cleaning and polishing like many other woods.
3.Less warpage than many other types of wood.
4.Accepts stains and finishes easily in a wide variety of colors.
5.Highly resistant to insects and fungus .
6.Less likely to warp when exposed to sunlight.
7.Good water resistant properties (especially white oak.)
8.Highly resistant to wear and tear.

1.Cannot be as highly polished as finer grain woods.
2.Very heavy.
3.Prone to breaking due to the hardness of the wood.

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