Resin furniture advantages and disadvantages
Advantages and disadvantages of resin furniture

Resin furniture(FRP furniture)is very beautiful and cheap, so it can now be seen in many hotel lobby.What are the advantages and disadvantages of resin furniture?

Let’s first talk about resin inverted mold , that is made by resin and fiberglass cloth and other materials . Its quality is comparable to solid wood , so the relief of some European-style furniture nowadays uses resin inverted mold . you must keep your eyes open when you buy furnitures , and carefully check the European-style furniture . As to why , you will know the advantages and disadvantages of the resin inverted mold furniture introduced to you below .

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Advantages of resin inverted mold furniture:

Let’s talk about its advantages first . Since it was invented by people , there are definitely some places that are beneficial . High strength and light weight are its first characteristics . It has a long service life , corrosion resistance , high degree of simulation , and texture It is also very strong , and the price is at least three times lower than ordinary solid wood .

Disadvantages of resin inverted mold furniture:

Because resin furniture is cheap, all the materials used are cheap.So the most important disadvantage is that it will harm human health .Its chemical invasiveness can affect the human body for a long time . It is even more toxic to the human body than formaldehyde and glue .It is also easy to break and deform and difficult to maintain.If it is broken, it cannot be reused and recycled.So we think it is not recommended for homes furniture.

How to distinguish between solid wood and resin inverted mold:

1. Resin inverted furniture cannot produce realistic solid wood texture, and it does not have the kind of flexibility of solid wood furniture texture.

2. Resin inverted furniture mostly has radians, while solid wood is carved by hand, which is more reflected in angles rather than radians.

3. Resin inverted furniture’s adhesion to paint is not as strong as that of solid wood furniture. You can use sharp objects to scratch. Observe the texture of the furniture and the gradation of the color. The solid wood has a high level of clarity, and the color of the resin part is relatively single.

Although the price of resin inverted mold furniture is very cheap, it also has certain harm to the human body. When you buy it, you must polish your eyes. After all, money is not as important as your own body.